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Announcing: Solace Amid the Planets

00 SOLACE AMID THE PLANETSloresWe are thrilled to announce our newest short story collection from acclaimed author Sharon Joss. From the past to the post-apocalyptic present to the future; from the planet Earth to distant galaxies


Love in the Time of Dust and Venom
Flight Risk
Memories of the Skin
Return for the Dead
A Time of Patriots

Available in paperback and as an e-book from all your favorite retailers.

Aurum: The Golden Planet now available!

AURUM 011914smallforwebAja Publishing is pleased to announce the highly-anticipated launch of Aurum, a new science fiction / adventure novel from Sharon Joss.


The embargoed planet of Aurum contains the richest deposits of gold in the galaxy.  Accessible only once every four years to the wealthy elite attending the Gold Festival, master engraver Renly Harkness travels deep into the forbidden zone of this plague planet to rescue his missing older brother.

Accompanied by the beautiful half-breed, K’Sati, and haunted by a debt he fears he can never repay, Renly risks his life and faces his darkest fears to rescue his beloved  brother.

Available in paperback  and Kindle  from Amazon, and all your favorite e-book retailers.

Our first collection: Dreams of Flesh and Blood


Aja Publishing is pleased to announce our first short story collection, DREAMS OF FLESH AND BLOOD. In these four toe-curling tales, Sharon Joss explores the darker psyches of creatures that go munch in the night: an evil sprite with a taste for lightning, a giant lizard with a discriminating palate,  a giant mollusk, and an unspeakable from the basement; all with insatiable appetites.

Available at Amazon, Kobo, Nook,  and through Smashwords.

Announcing: Brothers of the Fang

NOVEL 02 BROTHERS OF THE FANGloresAja Publishing is proud to announce our latest release!

Brothers of the Fang is a new urban fantasy by Sharon Joss

Ex-cop Mike Bane is a shape-shifter with two beasts.  One is a 300-lb black jaguar with a taste for turtle meat, the other is a psychotic Olmec shaman named Tehuantl with a taste for blood.  When the cat is happy, everybody’s happy.  When the cat is unhappy, Tehuantl comes out and people die.

When Mike accepts a job at Mythica, America’s only supernatural amusement park, he discovers an unexpected kinship with the park’s werewolves.  For the first time in his life, he doesn’t feel like a monster.  But when his curiosity gets the best of him, he becomes entangled in a centuries-old feud between Mythica’s owners and the Fae of the neighboring High Tor clan.  Only Tehuantl’s magic can save Mike’s brothers of the fang; in return, Tehuantl wants permanent possession of Mike’s body, mind, and soul.

Available wherever paperbacks and e-books are sold.