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Announcing: Steam Dogs

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The latest release from award-winning author Sharon Joss:

In this alternate history thriller, 19th-century technology and the supernatural collide outside London, when airships and aerialists from across Europe converge on the Isle of Dogs for an air show. Among the crowd, a master thief with his eye on the Queen’s jewels, a Metropolitan Police inspector, and a former royal wizard dead set on kidnapping the commander of the most powerful army in the world—Queen Victoria of Britain.

Now on sale wherever you buy books.


Cover Reveal: Stars That Make Dark Heaven Light


The original award-winning novella.

Worlds and species collide on the planet Hesperidee in this classic winning tale of love, duty, and the future of humanity.

Genetic engineering has been the key to helping the colonists on Hesperidee survive for decades. But after making first contact with an alien life form, they are confronted with a question for which they have no answer: What is it that makes us human?