Announcing: Brothers of the Fang

NOVEL 02 BROTHERS OF THE FANGloresAja Publishing is proud to announce our latest release!

Brothers of the Fang is a new urban fantasy by Sharon Joss

Ex-cop Mike Bane is a shape-shifter with two beasts.  One is a 300-lb black jaguar with a taste for turtle meat, the other is a psychotic Olmec shaman named Tehuantl with a taste for blood.  When the cat is happy, everybody’s happy.  When the cat is unhappy, Tehuantl comes out and people die.

When Mike accepts a job at Mythica, America’s only supernatural amusement park, he discovers an unexpected kinship with the park’s werewolves.  For the first time in his life, he doesn’t feel like a monster.  But when his curiosity gets the best of him, he becomes entangled in a centuries-old feud between Mythica’s owners and the Fae of the neighboring High Tor clan.  Only Tehuantl’s magic can save Mike’s brothers of the fang; in return, Tehuantl wants permanent possession of Mike’s body, mind, and soul.

Available wherever paperbacks and e-books are sold.

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